we love WHAT we do

Founded In 2000 By Tali Alcheh and Eran Friedland, Studio 84 gained years of expierience in production marketing materials tailor made for the client. Our studio specializes in production of promotioanl packages: still images and animations within the real-esate field. From a single image to a 20 minutes film, our service consists of enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity. 

We are proud to be involved with many challenging and distinguished real-estate projects around the world.

  • 3D Modeling

  • Texture&Shading

  • Lighting

  • Directing

  • Shooting

  • Compositing

  • Post production

  • Animation

  • Interior design

  • Sound editing

  • Motion Tracking

  • Editing

  • Special effects

  • Motion graphics

we love the people WHO do it

Eran Friedland. The BOSS. 

Creative Director.

Music: Bob Dylan

TV: Sopranos

Food: "Shlomo"

Maya Rilov Dayan The Singer. 


Music: Too many

TV: From trash to High-End

Food: From trash to gormet as long as it Vegi


George Berdichivsky. The European


Music: Baroque

Artist: Latoure

Food: Meat

Michael Putilov. RIP

we have you in our hart forever

Tali Alcheh "The Architect". 

Creative Director.

Music: Bach to Madonna

TV: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Food: Penne alla matriciana

Lior Sankov. The Creator.

CG - Artist

Music: Nirvana

TV: Succession

Food: From Thailand to USA 

and all between


Ale Tevelev. The Latino.

CG designer

Music: The Clash

TV: Family Guy

Food: Sweet Potato Ravioli 

This is WHY we do it

Passion, Curiosity, Love, Design, Fun, Challenges, we are good in it,  good will and ok money

we love WHERE we do it

42 Ha'Rakevet street Tel-Aviv. Tel: +972-3-5669107

ale 2.jpg
This is to WHOM we do it for

Canada Israel, Urban Solutions, Ove Arup, Skyline Investments. Akro, Ashdar, Azorim, Africa Israel, Helena Rubinstien Pavvilion, ZUr Architects, Yashar Architects, Bar Orian Architects, Ilan Pivko Architects